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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return or exchange?

Any item that is customize unfortunately we can not exchange or return. But if you purchased an item that is made to purchase, it is exchange only. 

How long will the resin last over time?

The resin that I use is really high in quality, clear and free of VOCs. Some resin will change over time and have a hint of yellow amber, however, it is recommended that the resin is kept out of direct sunlight and heat. Any natural effects on the resin, Petals by Day are not responsible.

Do vou accept air dried flowers?

Yes I do! I do ask that it is packaged properly to avoid damage during shipping. Petals by Day is also not responsible for damages during shipping. I will send photos of flowers after they arrive.

Do the flowers stay the same color after being dried with silica?

This is a ves and no answer - Flowers are only preserved in the condition on how I receive them. Unfortunately some flowers can appear darker than their original color or light / paper thin. Reach out to me if there are any questions in regards to the flower vou are using.

Will all of my flowers be used and what happens to my leftover flowers?

I offer two different styles of design, depending on the size of the bouquet, most of the flowers will be used! I do not ship back left over flowers, however, for additional cost, vou can add on coasters or a ring holder. If vou do want the flowers back, vou are responsible for the additional shipping cost for me to return it.

Shipping and refunds - how does it work?

I will send further instructions on how to ship the flowers after a deposit is made. Unfortunately, due to it being a custom piece, there will be no refunds.

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